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VelocePress is an e-publisher of rare and previously out-of-print automotive books and repair manuals, in addition to original works written by professional automotive writers and journalists.

All of the products at VelocePress are useful, informative and essential reference materials for the automobile enthusiast!


The Berlinetta Lusso
The Berlinetta Lusso,
A Ferrari of Unusual Elegance,

  • Kurt Miska’s originally published in 1978, is full of photos,
    drawings and statistics of what may be the most beautiful
    Ferrrari ever built. Chapters include the History, Styling,
    Variations, Assembly Line Data Sheets, Sales Brochures and
    much more. Still the best book about the Lusso to date.

    Soft Bound (Perfect Bound) Reproduction

    Pages: 95 ( Re-Published by VelocePress )

Ferrari Owner’s Handbook
Automotive Books

  • VelocePress has hand selected a variety of automotive books to republish based on their merit as reference materials and for their strong demand.
  • The current selection concentrates on European cars, in particular Italian cars. The books are electronically republished, and several have individual chapters available for immediate download.


Owner’s Workshop Manual
Repair Manuals

  • VelocePress offers a wide variety of repair manuals for specialty, European automobiles. All of the manuals are available in both soft-bound, spiral format and electronic download. With the electronic format, enthusiast can download the information they need, and only the information that they need, immediately. If you only want the Engine Chapter of the Owner’s Workshop Manual – that’s all you have to purchase. Easy! Simple! Fast!


Original Works
Original Works

  • VelocePress also publishes original works by professional automotive writers and journalists. Electronic publishing enables authors to publish shorter works and quickly. This format is ideal for time sensitive material such as the Online Ferrari Buyer’s Guide. Electronically published works can be easily updated to make sure the information is accurate today! Download just the information that you need – immediately.

VelocePress also provides a platform for today’s professional automotive authors, journalist and photographers to publish original works.

To date, VelocePress has acquired the rights to republish over 200 titles, including all of the pre-1970 Floyd Clymer titles, the Autobooks Workshop Repair Manual Series (in association with Brooklands Books, UK) and a wide selection of specialty books focusing on European automobiles. Utilizing e-publishing technologies has enabled VelocePress to bring back noteworthy titles at a fraction of the market price of an original copy.

In addition to the softbound republished format, E-publishing enables VelocePress to offer titles in electronic download format as well, so customers can get precisely the information that they need – immediately! Many of the books are available for download, chapter by chapter. So if you are only interested in the Fiat Abarth Simca Series Chapter of Pete Vack’s Online Abarth Buyer’s Guide – that is all you have to purchase. Easy! Simply! Fast!

To find out more about unique Ferrari information and Ferrari rarities…we recommend you visit the VelocePress site at

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