Cashiers Check – Scam Alert

We at want to provide caution regarding an apparent Global scam. We have been informed that there is an Internet Scam, which is targeting Automotive Classified Listings from Americans. Although we have only had only one subscriber inform us as to having been approached and have apparently had their Bank verify the authenticity of this Scam, we feel it necessary to raise awareness to its unfortunate existence.

The Scam artists are allegedly people from the continent of Africa who state that they want to buy the owner’s collector car and then forward a very real, by appearance, Cashiers Check which eventually turns out to be fake. The crooks start by sending more money than the price of the car. They state that the extra money is to be sent to someone in the US who will ship the car to Africa.

The amount of money to be used for shipping is even close to what the actual cost for shipping would be. Once the American seller sends the money to the person who is supposed to ship the car they find out that the Cashiers Check is a fake.

As an example, one couple lost $8,000 of their own money in this senerio. It also has apparently been tried on other collector car advertisers and on other Internet sites.

When dealing with people from countries other than yours, it is best to be safe. According to the people who lost their money, it can take over three weeks for a bank to realize that these “Cashier Checks” are a fake. They suggest that you contact the issuing bank and get any verification in writing.

You can find more information about this scam and other Internet scams by clicking on the following link:

This link will take you to the Scam Victims United Site. It is noted that this site was started by the original people who brought light of this criminal activity and they are wanting to help others avoid being scammed.

Please note that while Africa is apparently the most common location for money to be sent with this type of scam, we have also been notified that other foreign destinations may be used. Please forward this information to any collector car classifieds and club web sites and newsgroups you know about who may encounter this problem.

Click here to read the CBS News Report on this story: Management

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