Ferrari 250 GTL – Berlinetta Lusso

The 250 GTL Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso, with only 350 made
…is an all time favorite Ferrari to own and drive.

Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso

Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso

    Displayed is a beautiful representation of a Ferrari Lusso illustration by Harold James Cleworth, Automotive Artist.

The Berlinetta Lusso’s

It may seem strange today but when the Ferrari 250 GT/L Berlinetta Lusso had its premiere, it evoked little comment. That was in Paris, in October 1962. Neither its styling nor any of its technical features were singled out for more than just a passing comment. Some publications did not even mention it. It took a little more then a year after its debut before automotive editors began to take notice of the Lusso’s exceptional and timeless styling. This is what some of the magazines said. “Lusso’s Introduction continued…”

The Berlinetta Lusso’s History

The Lusso had a relatively short production life even by Ferrari standards, with cars being consigned from January 1963 to about August 1964. According to Peter Coltrin, an American Ferrari expert of long-standing living in Modena, the gestation period of a Lusso from start to consignment was about three months. For example, the first production car was delivered in January 1963; meaning that construction must have started shortly after the Pininfarina prototype’s Paris debut. “Lusso’s History continued…”

Sufficient information has not yet been received to make positive identification but it appears that the first production Lusso was S/N 4103 GT. The last one was S/N 5955GT. Factory records show that 350 Lusso were built, a pretty substantial number but still 100 less than the widely circulated figure of 450. With 350 cars having been constructed, this works out to a rate of about one Lusso per day.

The first Lusso built in 1963 was Serial #4359. In 1964 the first completed Lusso was #5255. Six Lussos were delivered with British calib instruments (refers to mph, psi, etc. calibration of instrumentation rather then km/h, Centigrade, etc.); Lusso #4497, #5311, #5433, #5545, #5709 and #5875.

This hand crafted sleek beauty’s design is unique among its peers. The recognizable Pininfarina sculpturing masterfully encases the Scaglietti build chassy. This Italian influence underscored the lines of the sports cars for the 1960s and beyond.

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