Ferrari 250 GTL Lusso – 1964 – For Sale

Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso, #5311

    “The individual who will want to own this special Ferrari, is a person who will want to bring this rare exotic touring automobile back to its youth by the design and fortitude of his own desire and purpose.”

‘SOLD’ – the owner will consider partial trade, plus cash. Owner is interested in Ferrari models only for trade consideration.

“This Ferrari Lusso, Serial #5311, was originally purchased by a Central California Valley farmer, Mr. Long from Hollywood Sport Cars. In the late 1960’s, he sold it to a close friend and business associate, Mr. Garcia. It was purchased from Mr. Garcia in July of 1974 and I am currently its third owner. Throughout the car history, it has been located and garaged in the same community which is in the dry climate of the San Joaquin Valley, in central California, USA.”

“This Ferrari is in a number one condition for a restoration to a complete ‘like new’ Ferrari, because it is all there. It does not run and has rust throughtout the undercarrage. This Ferrari is partially disassembled but i believe all of the parts are there and the numbers all match #5311, throughout. It has never been ‘tried’ to restore. It is a diamond in the natural.

The front and rear windows are original. All side windows except the driver’s side are original. The driver side window needs to be replaced as it has broken and has been taken out. All hardware is there to put whatever window is found or made, back in place.

The front and rear bumper is stamped #5311. The doorjambs around the light ‘On & Off ‘ buttons are also stamp #5311. The original leather behind the seats and leather belts straps to hold luggage are in place. Ordered new with the Lusso by the original owner, it sports an original, AM-FM Blaplunk radio mounted on the transmission cover, covered in black leather, it works.

The original mileage totals, 84,442. Nothing has been done to the engine since I have owned it, 1974. I purchased it with 78,824 miles and have enjoyed every mile since. The only ticket the car earned for me, almost issued, was from a local piece officer for the excessive volume of a Ferrari’s natural 12 cylinder rich deep rumble. I think he just stopped me to look at the Ferrari.”

…Ferrari Owner

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